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My parents were blue collar workers and I approach photography and cinematography the same way.  It’s hard, physical labor coupled with a disciplined, meticulous editorial process.  The end product engages and connects viewers to topics, rising above the noise by celebrating common humanity.

All art is storytelling.  From our paintings in the Chauvet caves to the Pyramids to the Mona Lisa and Daft Punk’s recent work; we are a species of story tellers.  Architects can make a statement in their constructions, as can a chef in a meal presentation.  In all great art there is intention, and in all great art their is room for interpretation.  I work as a story teller.  Some of the material I produce is philosophical, reflective, and challenging; sometimes it’s not.  But as Werner Herzog said to a group of us once, “You do your job and be a professional.”  Expand your skill set to tell the best story you can with the tools you have and use every opportunity you get to expand that tool box.  No one will ever find fault for having a last generation camera if the photo stirs feelings deep inside of them.  No one asks what kind of pen the writer used or the paper they wrote on; rather, they read the words, feel, and connect. This is the point of all of our cameras, lenses, support gear, lighting equipment, editing systems, graphic design platforms, etc.  It’s one part of a larger a process of bringing a story to life that goes well beyond the moment we press the shutter button.

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